March 28, 2018


Work with us.

All trade partners will be required to complete and obtain approval per the Turner-Flatiron, Joint Venture internal procurement and risk assessment requirements in conjunction with DEN specific and project specific elements. Trade Partners will be identified through existing relationships, the City and County of Denver Office of Economic Development Certification List, industry outreach events, and DEN or agency referral. The prequalification process is an inclusive process. Our team believes success on the Concourse Expansion Program will depend on knowing upfront and understanding what particular risks (i.e. financial stability, safety record, bonding ability/capacity, similar project experience, and so forth) a trade partner may have, then making decisions about utilizing the trade partner best able to manage, deliver and support DEN’s goals.

Considering the specific intricacies associated with working at DEN, the following key risk factors will be the focus when evaluating trade partners:

  • Previous and current experience working at DEN, City and County of Denver and other public agencies
  • EMR and safety history
  • Financial strength and bonding ability
  • Schedule commitment including available resources (Local & National)
  • Management and project team
  • Understanding of scope and quality expectations
  • Lean construction experience and methodology
  • ROCIP experience

Before you get started, below are example pieces of the information you will need to complete the prequalification application:

  • Copy of W-9
  • List of company license numbers
  • List of state sales tax numbers
  • Insurance information
  • List of current & recently completed projects
  • Current financial statements
  • Bank & Surety information
  • References
  • EMR & OSHA information

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